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Knowing what you’re getting is important when it comes to the specific services that The Envelope Printery offers.  It can be tricky to figure out what the differences are between the services that we offer if you aren’t knowledgeable in the options, so we’ve taken the time to list out everything we can provide with an explanation of each part.  That way you can put your order in and know exactly what you are going to be getting in return.

Specialty Die Cut Envelope Manufacturing and Converting

When it comes to manufacturing envelopes and forms, there are three main ways that you can go about it:

  • Web In-line
  • Die Cut/Flatsheet
  • Jet Imprinting

Web In-Line printing is when a roll of paper goes into a machine on one end and the finished product comes out on the other end.  It’s all done on one press and is often a convenient option for those who are putting together large orders.  

Die Cut or Flatsheet printing is when a design goes on an envelope or form in a large sheet of identical copies, and then they are cut out, similar to how you would use a cookie cutter to segment separate cookies.  This is done on multiple machines.

Jet Imprinting is when your text and symbols are printed on envelopes and forms using a pre-existing stock.  When it comes to popular items that we have in stock already, this will use a high quality ink and color to help create the look you need quickly and professionally.

Here is how each of our services break down so that you can see just how our printing technologies are going to work and come together within their different realms.

  • Web In-line and Die Cut/Flatsheet
  • 2/1 Direct: This allows for you to have 2 colors over one base layer on the outside as well as a tint on the inside.
  • 4/1 Direct: Much the same, this one offers 4 color options over one base layer on the outside and a tint on the inside.
  • ESP Flexographic Printing: This is a high resolution printing that has the convenience of in-line printing, and the final product of almost litho quality.
  • 1 – 4 color Sheetfed Printing: Choose up to 4 colors for your sheet fed option.
  • 1 – 4 color Forms Printing: You can choose up to 4 colors for the forms that you need to print out.
  • Halm Jet Envelope Imprinting
    • Available in 1 or 2 colors, you can choose how you want your stock items to come out.

Pick and Pack

If you’ve ordered several kinds of envelopes or forms and need them sent to you in varying amounts at different times, we can do this for you.  We call it “pick and pack” and this is exactly as it sounds.  We’ll choose the right amounts of the different kinds of products that you need and send it off to you in good time.

Roll to Sheet Converting

This is a unique feature that will allow you to use a web in-line roll of paper like you would use in a web in-line press and convert it to a sheet press.  From there, your product will be manufactured into an envelope as usual.  What that all comes down to is that you will get the high speed and quantity of a web in-line press and a cost reduction by not needing to do a die cut process.


We are proud to offer warehousing services, where we can produce your product, and then store it for you, sending it off to you in the quantities that you are looking for at your convenience and request.  We follow an “invoice upon release” policy, where we will bill you for our storing fees upon releasing them to you.  This offers you the convenient and modern option of storing your product with us and also making sure that you are paying for what you need when you need it.

Numbering: Consecutive and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

We’ll be able to offer you numbering services on your envelopes and forms, including consecutive numbering as well as MICR, which is popular in banks and hospitals, amongst other institutions.

Full Service Composition Department

In order to take care of your needs from start to finish, we’ve got you covered from the start to the end of the entire process:

  • Graphic Designers: So you can get the look and feel that you need by professionals who know how to take what’s in your head and put it on paper.
  • Pre-Press File Conversion: Whether you need to leave bleed room, add a gripper, convert to a readable format for the printing press, you’re covered.  Our team will take the hassle out of trying to get it all right by doing it for you, guaranteeing a frustration-free process.
  • Typesetting: This allows you to plan the layout with the right combination of text and images so that you can see how it will appear on the final product
  • Electronic Proofing: Once you approve the final version of the mockup that we create for you, this will be locked in and sent directly to the printing plate (see below) to make sure that there are no mistakes or changes in transit.
  • Direct to Plate: As mentioned, we’ll send the proof that you’ve approved directly to the printing press plate so that you won’t have to deal with something going wrong in between your approval and the final product.  What you see in the final proof, is what you will get delivered to you.

Drilling, Perforating and Folding

For your convenience, we are proud to offer you drilling (3 hole punch, etc), perforation and folding so that your purchases are ready to go upon arrival.

Shrink Wrapping and Banding

For your organization and convenience, we can offer shrink wrapping and banding services so that you are getting the quantities and sections that you are looking for in your order.

Online Forms Management Ordering System

We provide an online service in which you can design and order the forms that you are looking for right there and then send them off to us for printing services.  All conveniently done online, it’s easier than ever.

QR Codes

For your comfort, we offer QR Codes with our printing so that you can communicate with today’s customer in a way that speaks to them directly, bringing you in contact with a new audience.

The Process

When we get ready to work with you, there is a process that we will go through that will satisfy your company as well as open a line of communication about our services.  The first step is to do an audit and a tour of the facility, which is done by your company.  Once that is complete and you decide to give us your business, we will work on your manufacturing details in design and feel and then convert them into the final products that will show up on your doorstep, just as you saw them appear in the proof.  We always offer our customers the best options as far as professional services and techniques, and this process will guarantee all of that.

Typically, we work with referrals – mostly those within the industry – and sales calls, giving us a wide range of clients and customers to serve.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this process or anything you’ve read here so far.

Knowledgeable Customer Service and Sales Staff

We are proud to always offer a knowledgeable and well-trained staff in both our sales and customer services departments, here at The Envelope Printery.  We take customer satisfaction as seriously as we take our trade, so we specialize in providing industry-leading service in all avenues of our job to make sure the customer is getting the best of the best when it comes to their experience with us.

We always love to answer your questions and quiet your concerns so that you know your products are in the best hands.  At every step in the process we work to include the customer directly so that you are always in the know as to what is going on. We guarantee you the best services that we can offer you from start to finish of our work together.

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